Web Services

Did you know MacWorks builds great web sites too? MacWorks will design and build a dynamic, professional-quality web site engineered to take your business to the next level. We focus on building quality sites using today's standards-based technologies and we are experienced at producing data-driven, dynamic sites including e-commerce!

Whether you're simply looking to provide information about your business
or anxious to sell the next million-dollar widget online, MacWorks can deliver!

To arrange for a personal demonstration, please fill out our quick and simple contact form. Or feel free to call us at 952-945-0003

Graphic Design Partners

Are you a graphic designer, marketing coordinator, or otherwise? MacWorks will work with you to manifest your creative vision. We realize that designers often cringe when asked to build web sites for their customers. Designers are very creative people (we're envious), so when it comes to building web sites, they hesitate due to the technical skills required to build a great site.

MacWorks works with graphic designers and marketing-folk to deliver the design impact they're looking for. We'll take Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, InDesign or PDF mock-ups and handle all of the technical aspects involved in constructing and launching sites into cyberspace. We're specialists at authoring standards-compliant HTML, CSS, Flash animations, PHP and MySQL. Don't worry! We won't hold it against you if those acronyms are meaningless to you.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please fill out our quick and simple contact form or feel free to call us at 952-945-0003

Web Design & Development Portfolio

Looking for our portfolio? Frankly, we would rather show our work to you in person. Many of our sites feature secure administration areas where users are required to provide a username and password to log in. These sites feature many functions that incorporate database interaction and as a result, we feel it is more effective to sit down with you to demonstrate our work in person.

For you eager folks who need to see something now: