Macintosh Servers: centralize data & streamline operations

MacWorks excels at installing and maintaining Macintosh servers including Mac OS X Server. We have extensive experience setting up everything from simple to complex server solutions custom-tailored for the needs of each individual client. Whether your small organization simply needs to centralize data for simplified sharing or your mid to large sized company needs an advanced array of server services, MacWorks can make it happen!

We'll start by coming out to your facility to take a look at the needs of your organization. Then we'll propose the most efficient and effective solution to meet your needs.

Small organizations may be surprised how older computers can be
reused for simple file services -- saving valuable monetary resources!

For organizations that require a multitude of server services, Mac OS X can be setup and configured to provide one or more of the following services:

  • Macintosh File Sharing (AFP)
  • Windows File Sharing (SMB)
  • Print Service (control access to printers)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP, SFTP)
  • Web Hosting (Apache, PHP, CGI, MySQL, etc.)
  • Mail Service (email)
  • DNS
  • Netboot
  • Firewall
  • and much more!

For more information about Mac OS X Server, visit the Apple Computer server web site at:

Mac OS X Server: file service benefits

Macintosh file service (AFP, SMB) benefits your organization by creating a central repository for all of your company files enabling staff to stay on track with the latest versions of your mission-critical documents and projects.

Say goodbye to asking around or emailing everyone
to figure out who has the latest version of the file you need!

Mac OS X file service enables division of files into logical groups like "sales", "graphics", "engineering", etc. proving more controlled access. These groups are configured to allow or deny access to files & folders by different folks within your organization ensuring that someone from the "creative" department does not accidentally delete files that the "engineering" department needs, for example.

Furthermore, centralized location of data opens the door for a simpler, more effective backup system -- essential to protecting your mission-critical data.

Mac OS X Server: web service benefits

Arguably Apple's greates achievement, Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server are built on top of a very mature, stable and secure UNIX operating system. As a result, much of the industry-standard software used in today's Internet world is built right into Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.

Right out of the box, your Mac OS X computer can handle the web hosting needs of your organization. Mac OS X includes Apache, the most widely used web server software on the Internet today. Apache is robust, flexible, secure and free! Complex sites that require database interaction are a snap with the quick and simple installation of MySQL, the world's most widely used database software on the Internet today! MySQL is fast, flexible, and of course, free!

PHP and CGI are also included with Mac OS X granting all kinds of power to your web server including:

  • Database interactivity
  • Form processing
  • Automated emailing
  • E-commerce processing
  • and much, much more

Mac OS X coupled with Apache, PHP & MySQL truly is the swiss army knife of dynamic web sites!

With nearly ten years of web development and Macintosh sales, service & support experience, MacWorks is well qualified to set up your Macintosh-based web hosting service.

Mac OS X Server: mail service benefits

Mac OS X Server includes Mail Service which empowers your organization to quickly add and remove an unlimited number of email accounts for your organization.

No more waiting on hold for your ISP to make account changes!
Say goodbye to stringent attachment size limits!

Mail service offers a number of great features including spam filtering, mail forwarding, IMAP & POP service, plus the ability to control mailbox sizes on a per-user account basis!

Mac OS X Server: data backup benefits

By centralizing your data, the door opens for a more efficient and effective backup system.

Macintosh servers can be configured using RAID technology to spread data across multiple hard drives using a redundancy scheme that both improves performance and increases protection from hardware failures. Furthermore, centralized data is more easily backed up on a regular basis because your organization's mission-critical files are no longer spread across multiple computers.

Complimentary Consultation (for new customers)

For new business/non-profit customers with three or more actively-used computers, MacWorks offers a free initial consultation for up to two hours! Whether you need help with a nagging computer problem or you're thinking about centralizing your data by incorporating a server, or anything in-between MacWorks is ready to help!

To request your free consultation, please fill out our quick and simple contact form or simply give us a shout at: 952-945-0003

  • Offer restricted to the following Minnesota counties: Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, Washington, Dakota, Carver, Scott
  • Offer valid only to new customers with three or more computers in use.
  • Time spent over two hours will be billed at normal rates.