Flash won't install

I can't seem to load the latest copy of adobe flash player to save my soul. I have erased the old copy and had to reinstall it to have 'flash' at all . I am running OSX 10.6.8 Intel Core 2 Duo With Snow Leopard.


Some basic troubleshooting may be in order here. First, I would create a test user account on your Mac. Go to Apple Menu >System Preferences > Users & Groups (or Accounts) then use the + button at the bottom-left to create a new user account on your Mac. Note you may need to click the lock button in the lower-left corner before you'll be able to create a new account.

Once the new account has been created, log out (Apple Menu > Log Out), then log in to the test account. Download Flash again from Adobe's web site and see if you are able to install.

This test will tell you if the problem lives inside your normal user account's home folder or if it's more of a system-wide problem. If it won't install in the test account, try repairing disk permissions on your Mac, make sure you have installed all of Apple's software updates (Apple Menu > Software Update), and try booting into Safe Mode