Justify text in Mail automatically?

I use the 'justify' format for all outgoing emails, all Word documents and stuff I pull of the Internet and convert to Word documents. Problem is, I have to convert them (usually from 'Align Left') individually/manually. Is it possible to change the default format to 'Justify'?

(The Apple Tech guy, on the phone, did not have a clue about how to deal with this, and wasn't even sure 'zactly what 'justify' format is.)


Yes. For Mail, open TextEdit and type out a signature for mail messages. Highlight the lines where you intend to type the body of your email message and then set the alignment to justified. Then select all, copy and paste into a Mail signature. When you compose messages using that signature, your text will be justified.

Note that recipients may not always see justified text based on capabilities/features of their email client.

For Word, I think you have to do something similar. Open a new document, set the alignment to justify and then save as a template or set is as your 'Normal'. I'm sorry I don't have more concrete steps as I'm not a Word user. You might search for 'Mac Word save normal' to find a solution.