RAM Allocation in Mac OS X

My question is about the ability to change RAM allocations in OS-X. Back in the days inside the 'Classic' environment, individual users could easily change the RAM allocation, but since OS-X came out, it seems to be almost impossible.

I have a PowerBook 1.67 GHz PowerPC G4 chip running OS-X version 10.4.11.

I have 2 GB of installed RAM.

I have watched the 'Activity Monitor' program when some of these programs and they do not seem to take advantage of the available RAM, and run fairly slowly, which is kind of frustrating when I am in a bit of a hurry.

Specifically, the programs I would like to be able to change RAM settings on include:

Adobe DNG Converter 6.2.app

Adobe Media Player 1.1.app

Fetch 5.3.1.app

Image Rescue 3.app

Image Rescue 4.app

iMovie HD 5.0.2.app

QuickTime Player 7.6.4.app

RealPlayer 12.0.0.app

Thanks for the help.


Mac OS X does not allow you to allocate RAM. It does all of the RAM allocation dynamically, on-the-fly, as needed.