Extending Apple Wireless Network

I want to extend my wireless network, I have:

Time Capsule and 2 Airport express, in the TC I configure as :Share IP address and as Main

The first AE as Relay

and the second AE as Remote.

Same channel in the 3 wireless devices and the same network name in all three..

I have a dynamic IP, and there is a conflict with DHCP

I guess I need an Static IP to be able to configure my network, if you think my settings are OK, why do they not work?

Is there a way to get a free Static IP address?

Thank you


I believe the issue with the DHCP conflict doesn't relate to your extended wifi network, but rather to your Internet router. A lot of routers provided by ISPs will be preconfigured with DHCP enabled. However, you do NOT want more than one DHCP server running on your network. Therefore, it'd be best to turn DHCP off in your cable/dsl/whatever router you have and allow the Time Capsule to continue running DHCP.

As for the static IP address, the only way to get one is to ask your ISP for one. Often they carry a small monthly or annual fee.