Finder Previews not Displaying

I have an iMac Running OSX 10.5.8 Suddenly, the finder will not display previews of .jpgs or any other file type. IN the View preferences, the Show Preview and Show Preview column boxes are checked. But the previews do not show. If I press space, the enlarged view does show, but the one in the Preview pane does not.

I seem to recall this happening once before and fixing it, but I can't remember what it was other than it was pretty simple.


I'm not sure I have the silver-bullet answer for you on this. However, here's what I would try:

1) Run Onyx. Make sure you have the correct version of Onyx for the version of Mac OS X that you're running it on.

2) Try removing the file from your /Users/YOU/Library/Preferences folder, then log out and log back in (or reboot).

If neither of those does the trick, you might want to create a test user account (System Preferences > Accounts) then log in as that user to see if the previews are working there. If they are working there, the issue is isolated to your account. This usually indicates that something in your Library folder (within YOUR user account) is at issue. Either corrupt preferences, caches, 3rd-party software conflicts, etc.