PageMaker on an Intel Mac

I am not able to install by Adobe Pagemaker 7 on my MacBook. I insert the CD and when I click on install, I get an error message that says this application is not supported on this system. My MacBook has the OSX system. I used this same Pagemaker program on an older desktop Mac. The requirements for the Pagemaker program says that it needs an OSX CLASSIC system. I don't know what this means. Also, Adobe tech support tried to help me by suggesting that the program needs to be supported by Adobe CS4. I did not have CS4 on my Mac desktop and this Pagemaker program worked on that computer. Do I need some version of Adobe CS to run Pagemaker 7. Is this the problem?


Unfortunately, PageMaker is too old to run on modern (intel-based) Macintosh systems. PageMaker was built in the pre-Mac OS X days and was never updated to run natively in Mac OS X.

Before Intel-based Macs, Apple made the transition from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X smoother for people with older software and it was relatively easy because the hardware hadn't fundamentally changed. This allowed older software to run.

Now that Apple has switched to Intel-based Macs, the hardware has considerably changed and as such, pre-Mac OS X software will no longer run.

Adobe has replace PageMaker with InDesign.