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MacWorks is the premier Macintosh Computer sales, service, & repair provider for the Minneapolis & St. Paul (Minnesota) metro area. MacWorks provides a suite of on-site and drop-off professional-grade repair services, support services, troubleshooting, networking, server setup & management, and backup systems designed keep your Macintosh computer(s) and network running smoothly and efficiently.

MacWorks is focused on serving the needs of business and home
Macintosh Computer users as quickly and economically as possible.

With ten years of Macintosh Computer sales, upgrades, repairs, networking, backups and server experience in both home and high-end creative production environments, we're the experts you need to assist with any and all of your personal or business Macintosh Computer needs.

Check out our Macintosh services page for further details -- we promise not to put you to sleep!

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Pose your technical (or not so technical) Mac questions online. We'll notice your question and either post a response online for all to see or contact you regarding your issue.

Ask MacWorks is also a great way to learn. Find simple solutions to common issues or learn something new about how to use a program a little differently or more efficiently

Many of our responses contain step-by-step instructions complete with enhanced screen shots for easy and fast comprehension. More and more of our responses are starting to contain short video clips!

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